Khudh Beyadi Foundation

for Charity and Development

My Talent is Life

My Talent is Life


Khudh Beyadi Foundation for Development and Charity implemented the closing ceremony of the program

* (MyTalent is Life 2 )*

Which is one of the foundation's qualitative programs within the framework of its strategic orientation to build, rehabilitate and enhance the capabilities and skills of people with disabilities to be active members on their society.

Where many talents are presented to the foundation, they were presented to a specialized jury according to the type of each talent

Then the qualifiers were held and three talents from the disabled category qualified

And Khudh Beyadi Foundation will be on the hands of the three talented people to continue refining and develop their talents with determination.

And Khudh Beyadi Foundation hopes that all humanitarian agencies adopt and support such talents to continue their creative career and bright future aspirations.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this program